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 Module 12: The First Solo

The last eleven modules have been working toward preparing you for your first solo. Before a student may solo, all of the following items must be completed:


Student must be in possession of: 

  • Medical Certificate

  • Student Pilot Card​​​​

A copy or clear picture of each document should be emailed to 

Screen Shot 2021-10-01 at 3.37.04 PM.png


Pre-Solo written test

  • Before you can solo, you will need to complete the pre-solo written test

  • The is open book. You can use any resources to find the answers to each question.

  • Please complete and scan a copy to 


Private Pilot Endorsements

  • Before you can solo, the FAA requires that the recommending instructor signs certain endorsements authorizing your solo flight

  • Please confirm that you have all of the following endorsements in the back of your logbook, or please print them for your instructor to complete.  

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