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 Module 10:  Cross Country Flight Lesson


The Cross Country Flight 

  • You will plan a cross-country flight that is at least 100nm round trip from AZO.  Example: 3GM is 54nm from AZO, so this will be more than 100nm round trip.  

  • Make sure to reference the POH to enter aircraft performance characteristics into Fore-flight using the tutorials from previous lessons.  The POH is located here.

  • You will be expected to establish a flight plan that we will use for our flight. Please use the weather the day of the flight for planning purposes

  • For weight and balance, use 130 lbs for the weight of the instructor, as well your actual weight, and any other occupants that may be in the aircraft including baggage.  

  • Use the following list to check all items and ensure proper preparation for the flight:​​

NWKRAFT - Pre-Flight Checklist

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