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  • Required reading for this module:

    • Pilot's Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge Chapter 10- Weight and Balance


Weight and Balance: Calculating on Paper

  • There are two common ways to calculate Weight and Balance for an aircraft:

    • Using a Weight and Balance form and calculating the Center of Gravity for each station


  •   Using a computer or tool like ForeFlight that performs the calculations for you.​

  • It is important to understand how to calculate a Weight and Balance on paper. You will be required to do so on the written test.  

  • The following video displays how to calculate Weight and Balance on paper:


Weight and Balance: Setting up in ForeFlight

  • Each aircraft, in order to remain airworthy, is required to have an updated Weight and Balance form that is always kept inside the airplane during any flight. 

  • Any time that equipment is added or removed from the aircraft, the empty weight changes.

  • In order to accurately complete a Weight and Balance for any aircraft, we must know the Empty Weight of the aircraft at the time of the calculation. 

  • The following form is the updated Weight and Balance that is kept inside the aircraft we are using:

Screen Shot 2021-09-14 at 4.15.01 PM.png
  • The following tutorial from ForeFlight shows how to set up a Weight and Balance profile for your aircraft.

  • You will use the above 'New Empty Weight" for the aircraft's empty weight in setup, as well as the 'New C.G. (ARM)' for the aircraft's arm.

  • Note: N416AM has an optional extended volume fuel tank installed. Therefore, the following options will be selected during the aircraft setup.  

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