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 Module 13: Checkride Preperation

After passing your written test, the final step to receiving your Private Pilot is to pass the Checkride, or also known as the Practical Test. The following is a guide to getting preparing for the Checkride.


The Private Pilot ACS is the document that the DPE (Designated Pilot Examiner), or also known as the Checkride Examiner, will use to test you as during the Checkride. Use this document,  along with your study books, and online ground school to ensure that you have thoroughly studied each subject.

Private Pilot ACS


Similar to applying for you Student Pilot License, you will need to go to the FAA's IACRA portal to apply to take the checkride:  

  • Go to and complete a "New Application" for the "Private Pilot".  

  • Notify your instructor when the application is completed.  They will need to sign it as well.



After you have scheduled your checkride, there is a lot to remember.  Below is a PDF list (From the DPE himself) of everything you need to have prepared for the checkride: 

Checkride Checklist

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