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   Module 1: Getting Started     

This module is to help organize all of the "To-Do" items before we begin training. Please make sure to follow each step carefully. All items need to be fully completed before we continue to fly. 

  • Each student will need a pilot logbook to keep track of their flight time and flying activities.  A logbook can be purchased at the Kalamazoo Flight Instruction Office or online. 

  • Print the following form and store it in the last page of your logbook. We will use this to keep track of your progress through each lesson.   

  •  Below is the new student/ airplane rental agreement. Please print and complete the form.  If the student is under age 18, a minor release form must be signed by a legal guardian.

  • We need a copy of your driver's license, and/ or/ or both if you have; your passport and/or birth certificate.  Please print and bring to the next lesson.

  • IACRA is a portal from the FAA that allows you to sign up to receive your student pilot license; Please follow the link to complete the application. You will need this before your first solo flight. Click image below.

Screen Shot 2021-08-04 at 8.56.54 AM.png
  • You will need at least a 3rd class medical Certificate before you can solo. It is recommended to get your medical done sooner than later in order to sort out any potential problems ahead of time.  Please contact Dr. Stephen Shauer and arrange for your medical evaluation. Click image below.  

download (1).jpeg
  • In order to have unaccompanied access through the gate at the airport, you will need a badge. The badging office in the airport terminal processes the applications for badges. Please click and print both of the following PDF forms.  

***Note: The Badge application costs $35. Please bring cash or check. They do not accept credit card

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