Zach Ganton - Instructor/Owner

For my 24th birthday, my wife bought me an introductory flight lesson at The Kalamazoo Airport. The moment I got in the plane, I was permanently hooked.  One of my greatest joys is seeing new people fly, as it reminds me of how I felt that first time I sat in the left seat.  

I earned my Private Pilot License in Kalamazoo and worked my way up to becoming a Flight Instructor. I have trained in Florida, around Michigan, and of course, here in Kalamazoo.  I enjoy flying, traveling, and being outside. Aviation is my passion and I value every minute I get to be in the airplane.  I hope for the opportunity to train with you!


Jeff Rogers - Instructor/Owner

Stemming from a love for aviation, Jeff has grown a career at the AZO airport. Jeff teaches students while simultaneous operating the fuel depot and running Kalamazoo Pilot's Association.  Jeff loves the social opportunities that the airport presents and has a passion for introducing new people to flying!


Nick Treter - Instructor, CFI, CFII

Nick is a graduate from the College of Aviation at Western Michigan University. He began his flying career in high school when he was 16 years old.  Since he was young he has been obsessed with everything aviation related. He received his Private Pilot’s License in Kalamazoo in 2018 and continued flying at Western Michigan. During his time at WMU he had the privilege to be a Flight Operations Intern for Delta Air Lines giving him insight on commercial aviation. Nick loves sharing his passion for aviation with others by teaching and making the most fun flying experience possible.


Kyle Franklin - Instructor, CFI

Kyle is a graduate from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. He began flying at the age of 14 years old. Earned Private Pilot at the Howell/Livingston County airport in 2005. Since then, Kyle was an intern for a  charter company out of Pontiac airport, flew The King Air in northern Michigan, and now is a full time Air Traffic Controller at Kalamazoo Airport. Kyle also works as a controller yearly at Oshkosh Air Venture. When he’s not controlling planes, he is teaching people the love flight or at home spending time with his wife and son.