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FAA Medical Exam

Prior to flying their first solo flight, all students are required by the FAA to receive a 3rd class medical. This exam must be completed by an FAA licensed Medical Examiner.   It is recommended that students schedule and complete their medical exam as soon as possible while beginning their training.  If there are any concerns that the medical examiner has about the patient's current or past health, it is advantageous to get a "head start" on completing any other requirements that the examiner might present.  

Follow the steps on this page to scheduled and complete your medical exam:

1. Create an account on Med Express. This form will be printed and presented to your examiner:  Click Here

2. Contact and examiner and schedule your exam.  Following are recommended examiners:

1.  Dr. Schauer - Three Rivers Airport

2.  Dr. Pinnell - Battle Creek Airport

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